Cremation & Environmental Technology

With Facultatieve Technologies (FT), ‘the Facultatieve Group’ is global market leader in the fields of design, construction and maintenance of cremators, filtration and incineration equipment.

Since 1908, FT has amassed an impressive degree of technical knowledge, experience and international know-how. Hundreds of satisfied clients across the globe work with Facultatieve Technologies’ systems on a daily basis.

FT is the only manufacturer with all the necessary expertise under one roof, and supplies state-of-the-art systems that meet the most stringent (environmental) requirements. There is a solution to every problem, even if it means developing it together with the client. And that applies not only to new installations, but also to upgrade/ refurbishment or maintenance.

As a member of ‘the Facultatieve Group’, Facultatieve Technologies benefits from knowledge and experience ranging back to 1874 … The network, the relationships, the know-how, the reputation, the stability … What’s more, within the Group, we not only build cremators but we also operate crematoria. Both supplier and client. And that’s a major benefit to you.