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Core Values / Philosophy

kubus GROEP - bij kernwaarden ipv logoA number of broadly accepted principles and values are central to society in general, and to specific cultures too. This fact applies also to organisations or businesses. They form as it were the backbone of what the organisation embodies, and apply both internally, between employees, and externally relative to both customers and suppliers. It is often difficult to specifically identify these principles and values, and they are also subject to change over time. With this in mind, one picture can conjure up a thousand words.

Freedom of choice – mutual care

‘The Facultatieve’ stands for freedom of choice within the framework of mutual care. To know that others are always there for you and trust you. To build on that which unifies humankind and to eliminate that which divides us. Care, concern and kindness, all based on respect and the necessary financial stability.

Reflection …

We live in an age that runs faster by the day. It is essential to build in moments of reflection. Time to think about what has been achieved and how this was done. To see how it might be done better or differently in the future. With experience from the past, looking at the present, learning for the future.

State of the art…

‘The Facultatieve’ is a modern international organisation that employs the latest techniques and is not afraid to enthusiastically embrace new developments. Being a trendsetter also means assessing critically to what degree modernization is actually positive. Innovation for innovation’s sake is largely wasted energy.

Think global, act local

‘The Facultatieve’ combines know-how, expertise and experience. This synergy enables the Group to turn expectations into reality. ‘Think global, act local’ demands respect for local customs. Estimates, designs, and formulas are of little value if they do not ultimately result in a product that conforms entirely to or even exceeds the expectations of the user.

Caring for nature …

With due care and attention, ‘the Facultatieve’ carefully manages wonderful conservation areas at its crematoria and cemeteries. We also strive for as small an environmental footprint as possible in our technical developments. It is important in everything we do that we are conscious of our place in a greater whole: nature. Caring for nature means: caring for ourselves and – perhaps even more important – caring for the generations to come.