‘the Facultatieve Group’

The history of ‘the Facultatieve Group’ dates back to 1874 when the current Royal Dutch Cremation Society was founded. Since then, a large number of distinctly innovative initiatives have been implemented. We are currently active in various fields in a global market.

With operating companies throughout the world, ‘the Facultatieve Group’ is active in many fields. From automation to publishing. With our state-of-the-art solutions, we are global market leader in the field of cremation equipment and environmental technology. We have been running the Group’s crematoria and cemeteries for over one hundred years. Unity in Diversity!

Within ‘the Facultatieve Groep’, we enjoy the unique status of being both client and user. One key benefit of this dynamic is that it benefits our customers, both existing and potential!

Royal Facultatieve
The term ‘facultatieve’ is derived from Latin and means ‘having a free choice’. A well-informed choice can of course only be made on the basis of knowledge. By providing information and advice to our clients, we try to support them in making the right decision. This gives substance to the concept of ‘facultatief’, that — not coincidentally — has such as prominent place in our name.