City of Cologne opts for ‘the Facultatieve’

After a thorough European tender process, this week the City of Cologne chose ‘the Facultatieve Group’ as operator of the crematorium in Cologne. Cologne Crematorium is Facultatieve Germany’s third, after the crematorium Memmingen and the Crematorium Niederrhein Willich. The Crematorium in Cologne was opened in 1937 and carries out around 4,000 cremations per year. The building is listed.

Now that the decision has been taken by the City Council, intensive consultation will take place over the coming months to implement the agreements. The expectation is that the actual transfer of operations may take place as early as in March 2019.

Stefan van Dorsser, director of Facultatieve Deutschland GmbH is delighted: “With over 100 years of experience, six crematoria in the Netherlands and two crematoria in Germany within our Group, we knew we were in with a great chance. We are thrilled and very grateful that the City of Cologne has shown such confidence in us. Our top priorities are always quality of service, cooperation and respect for the deceased and the bereaved. Cologne Crematorium clearly has the potential to become a pioneer in Germany, just like our other crematoria. And together with the City, that is exactly what we will strive to achieve. A great challenge that we relish.”

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Memorial evening at Westerveld

Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium will organise a memorial evening on Friday, 2 November. From 7.00 to 8.30 p.m., Westerveld would like to invite you to join us in remembrance, and to light a candle in the memorial park. A sensitively lit route will be set out with beautiful poetry along the way and live music here and there. Everyone is welcome.

Remembering together
“It’s comforting to recall memories and to discover you’re not alone in this,” explains Carla Bosua, Director of Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium. “That’s why we’re once again organising a memorial evening this year. To give everyone the opportunity for remembrance, but also to enjoy a very special evening with beautiful music, poetry and togetherness. We’ve found it means a great deal to many people.”

Who will you light a candle for?
KRO-NCRV will once again be broadcasting the memorial evening live. During the programme, family members will recount memories of their loved ones and popular Dutch singers will perform comforting songs.

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Successful participation by TroBit during the VTU trade event

TroBit,– part of ‘the Facultatieve Group’ – participated as an exhibitor during the VTU (Funeral Suppliers’ Association) trade event on Wednesday 26 September in Gorinchem, near Rotterdam.

Great interest was shown in the TroBit funeral software; the various possibilities were demonstrated to the visitors.
Stefan van Dorsser of TroBit: “It was a very successful day; our software is aimed at funeral organisations, municipalities, cemeteries and crematoria, among others. But we have also developed a special package for start-up companies. Many of these new and smaller entrepreneurs were very enthusiastic about the options and user-friendliness offered by the UitvaartLite software developed specially for their purposes.” 

VTU trade event
The VTU trade event was organised on the initiative of the VTU (Funeral Suppliers’ Association). For more information: www.vtuvakdag.nl.

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FT attracts huge amount of interest at BEFA

In May, FT enjoyed a very prominent presence at BEFA 2018 (10–12 May) in Messe Düsseldorf (Germany). The many thousands of visitors to this four-yearly international trade fair were very interested in the fully automated systems that FT supplies worldwide ensuring crematoria comply with the most stringent of environmental legislation.

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Crematorium Duisburg opts for FT

Safe, efficient, silent and reliable. The experience with the first High Speed Cremulator was so good that in March, the crematorium in Duisburg purchased not only a second Cremulator but also commissioned an Ash Transfer Cabinet from FT. “The High Speed Cremulator is very quiet, reliable and unusually fast,” says Thomas Lewen, the crematorium’s Technical Director. “Ash is processed in just three minutes, with the Ash Transfer Cabinet then filling the ash container dust-free. We like working with these machines. The Ash Transfer Cabinet is very easy to operate for our staff and also ensures a safe working environment.”

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A lot of attention for FT during Tanexpo 2018

As global market leader in the fields of design, construction and maintenance of cremators and incineration equipment, FT (Facultatieve Technologies) attended the Tanexpo in Bologna (Italy) from 5 through 7 April. Professionals from 55 countries attended this trade fair, held once every two years.

At our stand, we informed many customers and interested parties about the latest state-of-the-art technologies and possibilities.

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Mount Pleasant (Canada) uses 50% less gas thanks to FT

The Mount Pleasant Group was founded in Canada in 1826 and owns cemeteries and crematoria as well as mausoleums in the ‘Greater Toronto Area’.  As such, Mount Pleasant is a leading force when it comes to care for the bereaved, innovation in technology & services and sustainability. Based on those starting points, and after months of research, Mount Pleasant opted for FT several years ago.

FT has now replaced the systems in all four of the Mount Pleasant crematoria in the Greater Toronto area to the company’s full satisfaction. In The Mount Pleasant Group Annual Review 2017, Mount Pleasant talks with pride about how it is not only using 50% less gas, but now also meets the most stringent environmental legislation – all thanks to the systems of FT. And we at FT are proud of that too. Click here.



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FT attending Funéraire 2017

As global market leader in the fields of design, construction and maintenance of cremators and incineration equipment, Facultatieve Technologies (FT) did, of course, attend the bi-annual Funéraire trade fair in Paris (le Bourget) from 23 to 25 November this year.

With its light and spacious stand, FT pulled in the biggest crowds at the Funéraire 2017, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. At our stand, we informed many customers and interested parties about the latest state-of-the-art technologies and possibilities.

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Successful Open Evening at De Boskamp

On 16 November, De Boskamp Funeral Centre & Crematorium organised an Open Evening. Everyone had been invited to come and many people accepted that invitation: it was a busy evening.

Very diverse company
On arrival, visitors were offered tea or coffee and a delicacy. They were then divided into groups and given a guided tour of the building, visiting all the rooms. Naturally, everyone was given the opportunity to ask questions. “It was an extremely diverse range of visitors, from young to old”, says Sietse de Vries, the site manager. “And they were here for various different reasons. Out of curiosity, for instance, but also because some of them were actually dealing with the organisation of a funeral. We received a lot of questions, which is always pleasant to us. It allows us to tell them about how we work, about the building and all the possibilities. People were highly impressed and that’s always a joy to see.”

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Impressive memorial evening at Westerveld Memorial Park

On 02 November, Westerveld organised a special memorial evening. Hundreds of candles, torches and lanterns lit up the memorial park and, as they arrived, each of the visitors (approximately 5,000) were given a candle that they could leave in a special place. Reactions were extremely positive.

The lit route through the park led them along poems, music and a wall of flowers for memorial cards. Benches had been placed around intimate campfires in various places, allowing visitors to find some peace and quiet. A separate stand had been set up for children where they could decorate candles and where they could plant flower bulbs in a special area of heart-shaped soil.

Group reflection
Visitors were impressed by the atmosphere. “The park’s so beautifully lit, it’s almost like a fairy tale. It gives you a warm feeling, even though we’re here because of sad events. And reflecting with your family and others, people you don’t know but who are here for the same reason, it just feels nice”, one of the visitors said.

Voor wie steek jij een kaarsje op?
During the memorial evening at Westerveld, live recordings were made for the KRO-NCRV TV show ‘Voor wie steek jij een kaarsje op?’ (who will you light a candle for?). During the broadcast – which was presented by Anita Witzier – the focus was on reflection. People told stories about their deceased loved ones. A map of the Netherlands had been placed in an open spot in the park where people left candles and in the crematorium’s inner courtyard, Pearl, Karin Bloemen and Jamai performed comforting songs. You can watch the show here: https://www.kro-ncrv.nl/voorwiesteekjijeenkaarsjeop/seizoenen/seizoen-2017/voor-wie-steek-jij-een-kaarsje-op

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