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Opening new section of Moscowa memorial park

The photo shows President and CEO of ‘the Facultatieve Group’ P. De Meyer on the left and B. Roelofs – Councillor in Arnhem on the right.

Upon unveiling the statue titled ‘De Omarming’ (the embrace), the Councillor for Arnhem B. Roelofs and President and CEO P. De Meyer of ‘the Facultatieve Group’ officially opened the new section of Moscowa memorial park on 21 May (Arnhem, the Netherlands). This newly constructed section will offer space for a few hundred new graves. Councillor Roelofs: “Moscowa is a very well-known and important location for many people of Arnhem. It evokes emotions and can offer great solace. Personally I also appreciate the beauty and atmosphere of the park, very typical of Arnhem. It was therefore my honour to be allowed to open this new section of Moscowa.”

From cemetery to burial park
The new section, which was actually always part of Moscowa but had never been used for burial purposes, has been redesigned since 2017 and fully incorporated in the landscape as a natural part of the park, as intended in the 2007 Master plan drawn up by the municipality of Arnhem and Moscowa to guarantee the quality and safeguard the identity of the memorial park. This ‘Master plan 2007 – 2030: from cemetery to burial park’ is being implemented step by step. For example, many of the large monumental gravestones were renovated, a variety of green structures were restored throughout the park and the entrance to the monumental Roman Catholic section was modified.

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Prize for the best stand at the Funermostra 2019 trade show goes to FT

Late in May, the international Funermostra trade show was organised for the 15th time, in Valencia in Spain. Professionals from dozens of countries all came together there. As the market leader in the field of design, construction and maintenance of cremation furnaces and incinerators, FT was of course in attendance in Valencia. The countless visitors to the very popular FT Iberia stand were brought completely up to date on the latest techniques and possibilities.

During the show, all visitors were asked to make their choice of the most innovative and attractive stand. The ‘green’ and sustainable approach was apparently reason enough for most Funermostra visitors to vote for the FT stand. Vice-President Sales & Marketing Patrick De Meyer is very proud. “The way our stand looks is a precise reflection of our professional keywords: quality and sustainability. Our superior installations have a long working life and are fully automated. The cremation process is constantly monitored, thus keeping the energy consumption as low as possible at all times. Moreover, all our installations comply with the most stringent environmental requirements worldwide.”

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New at the crematoria: online memorial collection

Many people find comfort in a memorial object. Comfort because they have something tangible from their loved ones. An urn and a photo, for instance, or a small urn that you can hold. Or a subtle necklace, which only you understand the true meaning of. All crematoria of our division all now offer an online memorial collection. The catalogue provides many different options, from special urns for your home, to bronze sculptures and all sorts of jewellery for a small amount of the ashes.

We understand that choosing such a commemorative item is not always easy. If you would like assistance, please contact a member of the site team. They will be happy to help you.


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Successful TroBit Contact Day

On 3 July 2019, TroBit held its annual contact day. During the course of the day, TroBit not only showcased its new applications but also discussed individual requirements.

This edition of the contact day took place in Wormerveer in the Netherlands at funeral services provider Associatie Uitvaartverzorging (UNC). The morning sessions saw funeral service providers come together. There was a great deal of interest in expanding the scheduling module. Sessions to further elaborate on this will be organized shortly. Participants were also enthusiastic about the eHerkenning e-recognition system. A pilot is soon to be initiated involving users selected during the meeting.

The afternoon sessions focused on cemeteries and crematoria. During the afternoon, we discovered that there are a lot of user requests for the staff scheduling module. We therefore decided to set up a working group under the leadership of TroBit. Clients using the UitvaartSuite ceremony schedule may register for this working group up to and including 12 July 2019. We will then put the group together.

“We are delighted with how the contact day went. It has brought us even closer to our users, better enabling us to directly anticipate and respond to their needs,” says TroBit’s Stefan van Dorsser.

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Successful Open Evening at De Boskamp

On 16 November, De Boskamp Funeral Centre & Crematorium organised an Open Evening. Everyone had been invited to come and many people accepted that invitation: it was a busy evening.

Very diverse company
On arrival, visitors were offered tea or coffee and a delicacy. They were then divided into groups and given a guided tour of the building, visiting all the rooms. Naturally, everyone was given the opportunity to ask questions. “It was an extremely diverse range of visitors, from young to old”, says Sietse de Vries, the site manager. “And they were here for various different reasons. Out of curiosity, for instance, but also because some of them were actually dealing with the organisation of a funeral. We received a lot of questions, which is always pleasant to us. It allows us to tell them about how we work, about the building and all the possibilities. People were highly impressed and that’s always a joy to see.”

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Impressive memorial evening at Westerveld Memorial Park

On 02 November, Westerveld organised a special memorial evening. Hundreds of candles, torches and lanterns lit up the memorial park and, as they arrived, each of the visitors (approximately 5,000) were given a candle that they could leave in a special place. Reactions were extremely positive.

The lit route through the park led them along poems, music and a wall of flowers for memorial cards. Benches had been placed around intimate campfires in various places, allowing visitors to find some peace and quiet. A separate stand had been set up for children where they could decorate candles and where they could plant flower bulbs in a special area of heart-shaped soil.

Group reflection
Visitors were impressed by the atmosphere. “The park’s so beautifully lit, it’s almost like a fairy tale. It gives you a warm feeling, even though we’re here because of sad events. And reflecting with your family and others, people you don’t know but who are here for the same reason, it just feels nice”, one of the visitors said.

Voor wie steek jij een kaarsje op?
During the memorial evening at Westerveld, live recordings were made for the KRO-NCRV TV show ‘Voor wie steek jij een kaarsje op?’ (who will you light a candle for?). During the broadcast – which was presented by Anita Witzier – the focus was on reflection. People told stories about their deceased loved ones. A map of the Netherlands had been placed in an open spot in the park where people left candles and in the crematorium’s inner courtyard, Pearl, Karin Bloemen and Jamai performed comforting songs. You can watch the show here: https://www.kro-ncrv.nl/voorwiesteekjijeenkaarsjeop/seizoenen/seizoen-2017/voor-wie-steek-jij-een-kaarsje-op

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Funeral service providers extremely positive

Early in September, Niederrhein Willich Crematorium organised a regional meeting for funeral service providers from all around Willich. Many service providers were curious about the various options available at the crematorium so this informal meeting was, with more than 90 visitors, very well attended.

The guests were treated to a detailed guided tour of the monumental crematorium. Of course, the visit included an opportunity to look around the cremation area, where they were given an explanation of the environmentally-friendly system. Reactions were extremely positive. After the guided tour, the guests had the opportunity to talk with each other and the crematorium staff, whilst enjoying varied dishes and drinks.

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Driehuis-Westerveld stop brings the past to life

Following the opening of the so-called HOV line (high-quality public transport) on 2 April 2017, Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium (Duin en Kruidbergerweg 2–6 in Driehuis) has its ‘own’ stop again: Driehuis-Westerveld. This means Westerveld will once more be accessible by public transport again via the new line between stations Haarlem and IJmuiden. “We’re bringing the past to life too”, says Westerveld director Carla Bosua, who is looking back on a long history. “Westerveld had its own train station for special mourning trains between Amsterdam and the cemetery as early as 1889. The fact that we’ve got a Driehuis-Westerveld stop again after all these years is very, very special.”

Maximum accessibility
Existing bus no. 75 will be travelling the new line from today. After the summer, R-net will start deploying no. 385, which will be replacing no. 75. “Westerveld already was accessible, but thanks to this HOV line, visitors are literally dropped off at the door. That means maximum accessibility by public transport”, says Carla Bosua.

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Recording of the final series of Penoza at Westerveld

The makers of the successful crime series ‘Penoza’ have opted for Westerveld as the venue for recording a number of scenes in the fifth (and final) season, as they did in the previous series. Recordings were made with the dome in the background and inside the monumental auditorium, which was designed by Dudok in 1936. The series is expected to be aired from September 2017 onward.

Penoza is about the Dutch underworld, where choices with regard to family, loyalty and money are made at daggers drawn. Penoza is portrayed as a family drama headed by Carmen (Monic Hendrickx) – a working mum with an exceptional profession. In addition to various nominations for the scenario and a Sound and Vision Award for star Monic Hendrickx, the series is also aired in an American, Polish and Russian version.

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Comforting memorial evening at Westerveld Memorial Park

All images © 2016 - Robert Aarts Photography - All rights reservedOn 2 November, Westerveld organised a very special memorial evening at the memorial park. Music was played at various locations throughout the park and visitors were given the opportunity to plant commemorative flower bulbs. Children put stickers on candles and poems were displayed along the illuminated walking route. There was also a flower wall and all the visitors – more than 4,500 – were given the opportunity to light up a candle and place it on the ‘candle stairs’. The Dutch KRO-NCRV KRO-NCRV broadcasting combination made TV recordings of the event at Westerveld, which can be viewed here:


Commemorate together

“Reminiscing together offers solace and it reminds you of the fact that you are not alone in this”, says Carla Bosua, Director of Westerveld. “United,but still intimate. That’s why this year too, we organised a memorial evening, to give everyone the opportunity to light a candle in memory of a loved one.”

Light a candle for your loved ones

During the Dutch TV programme ‘Voor wie steek jij een kaarsje aan?’ – presented by Anita Witzier – the focus was on commemoration.  People told stories about their deceased loved ones. Famous Dutch artists such as Maan and Niels Geusebroek performed comforting songs in the crematorium’s enclosed garden.

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