The French funeral organization Funecap will take over the activities of the Facultatieve as of December 21st. This concerns the eleven crematoria in three countries, FT (Facultatieve Technologies) with branches all over the world and all other activities.

Highest quality

“I am very pleased with Funecap as a shareholder”, says Patrick De Meyer, President and CEO of the Facultatieve. “To ensure the long-term continuity of our Group, we had been looking for a shareholder for some time with the same vision of delivering the highest quality, respect, trust and partnership as with the Facultatieve al been central for over a hundred years. With Funecap I am convinced that we have succeeded in this.”

No changes

Although the takeover means that the Facultatieve will have a different shareholder, nothing will change in day-to-day practice. “Everything will remain as it is. Everyone with and for whom we are allowed to work will be able to continue to rely on the Facultatieve as it has always done. All operating companies will also remain recognizable under their current name. And nothing will change in terms of personnel either,” says Patrick De Meyer, who adds that he will continue to lead the Facultatieve as chairman of the board.

Powerful organization

“The acquisition fits perfectly with our strategy to be a leader in all countries where we are present. The Facultatieve is a well-known and powerful organization with worldwide experience and who share exactly the same values as Funecap, they think about high quality and service just as we do. In addition, the Facultatieve has a consistent and specific knowledge in all the countries where it is active”, say Thierry Gisserot and Xavier Thoumieux, CEO and founders of Funecap.

All specific knowledge and strength will be used in the coming period to also expand the seven crematoria that Funecap took over earlier this year in the Netherlands under the flag of the Facultatieve with the aim of improving the quality of services to families and next of kin to continuously improve.


Funecap – with its head office in Paris – is an international funeral organization with the ambition to become the leading funeral specialist in every country where it is active and where high quality and trust are always central. Funecap is currently active in four countries (France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands) with more than 85 crematoriums, a network in France of about 600 offices and more than 200 funeral homes.