From left to right: Stefan van Dorsser (director of Rees Crematorium), Patrick De Meyer (President and CEO of ‘the Facultatieve Group’), Christoph Gerwers (Mayor of Rees Municipality) and Heinz Streuff (Rees Municipality Urban Development).

To celebrate construction of the Rees Crematorium, a so-called ‘construction sign’ was erected on 8th November at the site located on the Grüttweg in Rees. The sign was unveiled by the Mayor of Rees, Christoph Gerwers, and Patrick De Meyer, President and CEO of ‘the Facultatieve Group’. The Group is building the crematorium and will be also providing service there. Construction of Rees Crematorium – one of the most sustainable crematoria in Germany – is expected to be completed in autumn 2022.

Quality of service and respect
“Our organisation has stood for the best possible service for more than a hundred years,” says Patrick De Meyer, President and CEO of ‘the Facultatieve Group’. “Our highest priority has always been top quality, cooperation and respect for the deceased and the bereaved. If construction continues to run according to plan, we expect Rees Crematorium to conduct its first ceremony in autumn 2022.”

Modern and sustainable
“The Rees Crematorium building will be both modern and sustainable. It will includes an intimate auditorium, a dedicated room for offering condolences with extensive options for catering, two visiting rooms where the bereaved will be able to pay their last respects to their loved ones, and a tastefully decorated foyer where guests can be welcomed,” explains Stefan van Dorsser, director of Rees Crematorium. “Thanks to the state-of-the-art cremator with its energy-recovery capability, Rees Crematorium will meet and surpass the most stringent of environmental standards in Europe. What’s more, the installation will use Biofuel (carbon neutral) and will be equipped with a system that reduces  Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) emissions to atmosphere. The building will also be fitted with an eco-friendly Sedum roof featuring solar panels, making it one of the most sustainable crematoria in Germany.”