//Recording of the final series of Penoza at Westerveld

Recording of the final series of Penoza at Westerveld

The makers of the successful crime series ‘Penoza’ have opted for Westerveld as the venue for recording a number of scenes in the fifth (and final) season, as they did in the previous series. Recordings were made with the dome in the background and inside the monumental auditorium, which was designed by Dudok in 1936. The series is expected to be aired from September 2017 onward.

Penoza is about the Dutch underworld, where choices with regard to family, loyalty and money are made at daggers drawn. Penoza is portrayed as a family drama headed by Carmen (Monic Hendrickx) – a working mum with an exceptional profession. In addition to various nominations for the scenario and a Sound and Vision Award for star Monic Hendrickx, the series is also aired in an American, Polish and Russian version.

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