//Comforting memorial evening at Westerveld Memorial Park

Comforting memorial evening at Westerveld Memorial Park

All images © 2016 - Robert Aarts Photography - All rights reservedOn 2 November, Westerveld organised a very special memorial evening at the memorial park. Music was played at various locations throughout the park and visitors were given the opportunity to plant commemorative flower bulbs. Children put stickers on candles and poems were displayed along the illuminated walking route. There was also a flower wall and all the visitors – more than 4,500 – were given the opportunity to light up a candle and place it on the ‘candle stairs’. The Dutch KRO-NCRV KRO-NCRV broadcasting combination made TV recordings of the event at Westerveld, which can be viewed here:


Commemorate together

“Reminiscing together offers solace and it reminds you of the fact that you are not alone in this”, says Carla Bosua, Director of Westerveld. “United,but still intimate. That’s why this year too, we organised a memorial evening, to give everyone the opportunity to light a candle in memory of a loved one.”

Light a candle for your loved ones

During the Dutch TV programme ‘Voor wie steek jij een kaarsje aan?’ – presented by Anita Witzier – the focus was on commemoration.  People told stories about their deceased loved ones. Famous Dutch artists such as Maan and Niels Geusebroek performed comforting songs in the crematorium’s enclosed garden.

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