//‘What a magnificent walk’

‘What a magnificent walk’

On Sunday 9 October, Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium organised an autumn walk in which more than a hundred people took part. A horse tram took visitors to and from the Leven & Sterven (Live & Die) trade fair, which also took place that Sunday.

Expert tour guides led walkers past special monuments, against the setting of natural beauty in this wonderful season. The visitors visited part of the monumental building, also taking in the cremation room, which is otherwise not accessible. “I’d never expected a memorial park to be so beautiful”, one visitor said later. “We’ve seen all kinds of special monuments, hidden amongst autumn’s beauty … and the weather was gorgeous. What an experience.”

Taking the horse tram to the trade fair
On the same day, a funeral fair – Leven & Sterven – was held next to Westerveld at the Duin & Kruidberg country estate.  Westerveld was also represented at Leven & Sterven and visitors were taken to and from the trade fair by horse tram.


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