With donations totalling around € 300,000, the Royal Dutch ‘Facultatieve’ Stimulus Fund supports a variety of different charities, projects and initiatives:

  • The Dutch Service Dog Foundation (hulphond.nl) is now able to train ten extra therapy service dogs that will be used to help 160 children in 2016 and 2017.
  • The Dutch Victim Support Fund (fondsslachtofferhulp.nl) is receiving a donation for the ‘Life after the MH17 air disaster’ project.
  • The ‘Oranjehotel’ Foundation (oranjehotel.org) is receiving a contribution to set up a memorial centre at the ‘Oranjehotel’ war memorial.
  • Thanks to the support of the Royal Dutch ‘Facultatieve’ Stimulus Fund, ‘Gasthuis’ Hospice in Groningen (gasthuisgroningen.nl) can now purchase a ‘stand-up-chair’ to improve its guests comfort levels.

For further information: www.aanmoedigingsfonds.org