Despite all the challenges from the global economic climate, ‘the Facultatieve Group’ generated positive results in all areas in 2015. Sales rose by 1.9 million euros to 93.4 million euros with an increase in profits of over 35% to 4.7 million euros. The number of ceremonies organised by ‘the Facultatieve Group’ also increased by nearly 8% to a total of 17,383.

“The reporting year saw cautious recovery occurring in a number of countries”, according to Henry Keizer, President & CEO of ‘the Facultatieve Group’. “However, the economic recovery was not as strong everywhere. Having our own branches and personnel operating in so many different countries, we are globally active and therefore very sensitive to global developments and trends occurring in individual national economies. It is therefore extremely pleasing that we have performed so well, which ultimately comes down to the flexibility of both the group and our personnel.”

High quality service
With over 9,000 cremations being performed in the Netherlands in the reporting year, ‘the Facultatieve Group’ carried out nearly 10% of the total number of cremations there. The basic principle has always been to offer a high quality service geared to the wishes of the families. In 2015, Facultatieve Deutschland performed almost 8,000 cremations (2014: 7,000).

Throughout France in 2015, the personnel at Hygeco Post Mortem Assistance (PMA) implemented around 16,000 transport movements and carried out more than 110,000 thanatopraxy treatments. Moreover, 22,000 deceased persons were given post-mortem care. Hygeco Producten and Funeralia realised various major projects for hospitals, pathology institutes and laboratories around the world.

In the reporting year, Facultatieve Technologies (FT) once again posted excellent results in the United States and Canada, while good results were achieved in the relatively new market of Australia.