Westerveld - wandel

The Noord-Holland hiking network recently compiled a new route in the area of Driehuis. This also takes hikers along Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium – part of ‘the Facultatieve Group’ – which, in addition to a memorial park, is also a beautiful walking area.

A walk through Westerveld Memorial Park is very special. This former ‘country place’ was purchased by a number of prominent residents of Amsterdam who set up a cemetery in this location. Famous landscape architect Zocher was responsible for the design. These days, you can walk along beautiful paths, surrounded by a green oasis of tranquillity. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the lush vegetation and special monuments. Nearly one hundred and fifty years of cultural history in a unique, hilly dune area; worth exploring.

Petit Café Westerveld
Petit Café Westerveld, a pleasant café where visitors and hikers can have a drink and a bite to eat, can be found at the entrance of Westerveld. The café offers a special hiker’s menu, which you can enjoy just before your walk across Westerveld, or when you want to take a well-deserved rest afterwards.

The walk is 6.25 km and starts and ends at Driehuis station. You can find the walk here. This website also provides more information about the route and the hiking network – an initiative of collaborating municipalities and site managers in the province of Noord-Holland.