On Sunday 25 October, ‘De Boskamp’ organised the commemoration service ‘Alom Gedenken’. This service is intended for anyone who has lost a loved one.  Nearly six hundred people visited the atmospheric memorial park.

During the evening they lit candles and placed commemorative stones. Special commemorative bags were also available, containing a candle and photo of a loved one. The many visitors walked through the candle and torch-adorned memorial park either in groups or by themselves. During the walk they listened to personal songs sung by various choirs. There was a dance group too and poetry readings.

This was the 6th ‘Alom Gedenken’ commemoration service. Sietse de Vries, site manager of De Boskamp Funeral Parlour & Crematorium, has noticed a demand: “Commemorating together, as a group, in such special and atmospheric surroundings really does something to you. Despite the grief and subject, evenings like this give you a warm feeling and it helps the bereaved deal with their loss.”