//‘the Facultatieve Group’ main sponsor ‘Held op Sokkel’

‘the Facultatieve Group’ main sponsor ‘Held op Sokkel’


Since its incorporation in 1874, ‘the Facultatieve Group’ has had close ties with The Hague. For instance, the Head office of the Group has remained located in the residence during all those years.

Within that framework, ‘the Facultatieve Group’ is the proud main sponsor of the Dutch exhibition, ‘Held op Sokkel’ (Hero on Socle), which is held at the Historical Museum of The Hague.

The exhibition, which was opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix on 2 October, is organised in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Geschiedkundige Vereniging Die Haghe. A book, called ‘Den Haag in Beelden’ (The Hague in Statues), was also published.

Across the city of The Hague you can find more than five hundred special sculptures. Some of them were erected in memory of important (national) events and famous persons. From William of Orange, Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, Hugo Grotius and Queen Wilhelmina to Willem Drees, Louis Couperus, Wim Kan and Aad Mansveld.

The ‘Held op Sokkel’ exhibition at the Historical Museum of The Hague runs until 14 February 2016

 Korte Vijverberg 7
 The Hague (NL)


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