//Many visitors to Jonkerbos during BeleefPlus exhibition

Many visitors to Jonkerbos during BeleefPlus exhibition


From 9 to 11 April, Jonkerbos Crematoriumattended the 50+ exhibition BeleefPlus in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Staff at the crematorium’s stand provided visitors with information about the many commemorative options. The stand was very busy, with the new ‘wishes’ form in particular attracting a lot of attention.

“The top-quality services and wide range of options Jonkerbos provides have made it very popular locally”, said Bas Timmer, Site Manager of Jonkerbos Crematorium. “So many visitors were already familiar with us. And that resulted in some special encounters, enabling us to chat with people at a very personal level. Visitors were especially enthusiastic about the ‘wishes’ form that was presented for the first time during the exhibition. The idea of recording your wishes in advance with a simple and easy form appealed to many people. It can be filled in at any time, and once you’ve entered your wishes, you no longer need to think about it. Which is great for both those who fill it in and those they will leave behind.”

In addition to the ‘wishes’ form, there was a lot of interest in the various options offered by Jonkerbos. These include ceremonies, for example, or condolence options. But the new and delightful urn garden, with monuments shaped as tulips, is also a great option, as are the personalised memorials you could select.

Would you like to find out more about the ‘wishes’ form, or to download it? Then click here.



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