//New bus for Jugendhaus Memmingen

New bus for Jugendhaus Memmingen

On 25 March, the Lord Mayor of Memmingen Dr. Ivo Holzinger handed the keys to a new Volkswagen Transporter to Alexander Mück, youth-centre leader of Jugendhaus Memmingen. The purchase of this minibus for the local youth centre was partly made possible by a donation from Memmingen Crematorium – part of “the Facultatieve Group”. The minibus will transport young people to various activities, including holidays at home and abroad. “Since it opened in 2006, Memmingen Crematorium has played a very important role for many people in and around Memmingen”, said Stefan van Dorsser, CEO of Memmingen Crematorium. “With that involvement in mind, and motivated by our sense of social responsibility, it therefore gives us great pleasure to contribute to Jugendhaus Memmingen.”



Photo caption: Beside the bus for Jugendhaus Memmingen (fltr): Jörg Haldenmayr, Manfred Mäuerle, Lord Mayor Dr. Ivo Holzinger, Stefan van Dorsser, Klaus Schilling, Johanna Spengler and Alexander Mück.
Photo: Häfele/Pressestelle Stadt Memmingen. 

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